March 12, 2012

Firesign Theater

I read in the paper Peter Bergman died. He was the founder of Firesign Theater who I used to listen to a looong time ago, used to have most of their albums.

March 5, 2012

Show Biz Afterlife

Lying on the couch I flipped to the classic movie channel I've been watching alot of lately. "An American in Paris" was just starting. Ten minutes into it I could feel myself slipping away into unconsiousness as Kelly was dancing around with the French children. I wondered if the stars watched their movies in their old age. I tried to think if Gene Kelly was still amongst the living and dozed off into a Sunday slumber.

"It's a funny feeling watching the living watching me and it's still novel to me. . It's not a bad afterlife especially if you were involved in film. They were running a film I did in '52, An American in Paris. They allow us to re-live ourselves doing films"

"There's some guy lying on a couch wondering if I'm still alive or not, and he's falling asleep. Better be careful buddy, That how I bit the big one...died in my sleep."

I woke up during the dream sequence and Kelly was dancing with Leslie Caron. I could have sworn Gene Kelly was giving me this look from the TV, like he knew me.