April 25, 2011

A Monday on Frankfort Avenue

My wife and I took an antique lamp to have re-brassed to H & D Brass today. H & D Brass is on Frankfort Avenue, a narrow road close to downtown Louisville on which train tracks run parallel along side of the street. On the other side of Frankfort are small shops, remodelled old homes, and restaurants. I supposed you could call it gentrified.

Back in the 80's I lived off Frankfort Avenue in an apartment complex called Belleau Wood. There was a famous WWI battle which took place at Belleau Wood along the Marne River in France in 1918. The apartments looked nothing like a battle field, but it was heavily wooded. Go figure.

We parked outside H & D Brass and I took the antique lamp out of the back seat. Wife said don't dare get hit by a car, it might break the lamp. We ordered a new globe and chimney and left the lamp there to be re-brassed. I asked the guy how old he thought the lamp was and he said around the turn of the century...maybe 1918...from France...along the Marne River.

On the way home we stopped at this place called Bluegrass Burgers to eat. There were a couple of women there al freso-ing and one was breast feeding her baby. We went inside and ordered and wife asked me if I wanted to eat outside. I said sure. The baby was done at the milk bar. The other woman had a baby too. We started talking with them and they were both mid-wives who worked mainly in a Amish community across the river in Indiana.

April 24, 2011

Photos and a Song From Easterland

      Marvin Gaye  'Wholy Holy'  1971

April 23, 2011

I Saw Smoky One Night

The other night 'Nightline' was interviewing Smoky Robinson and they asked who was his favorite musical artist and he didn't hesitate at all and said Marvin Gaye. Smoky said he still listens to Gaye's most popular album 'What's Going On'. He went on to say that Marvin Gaye was way ahead of his time in music and lyrics.

I couldn't agree more. His music is timeless and sounds as good today...maybe better.

Marvin Gaye 'Mercy Mercy Me' from the 'What's Going On' album. 1971

April 22, 2011

Synchronicity for Everybody

I was at work this past Saturday and I got to thinking about this guy my wife and I used to talk to at our old gym. Since we switched gym membership a couple of years ago we haven't seen him since.

Jerry was very funny and witty in a very dry sort of way and it took awhile to know just how funny and unique he was. Whenever we saw him we knew that working out would take a back seat to standing around yaking and having a few yuks. As I was sitting at the Gate One post I got to thinking he would join the gym we go to now and that I would surely see him soon bopping around the weights, plugged into his ipod. I miss the guy.

When I got home wife was putting away the groceries.

"You wouldn't believe who I saw at the grocery!"
"Jerry from the old gym?"
"'Cause I was just thinking about him today at work. Is he still going to Fitness 19?"
"No! He told me he just joined our gym!"

That doesn't happen often, but it does happen....the synchronicity. It happens to everybody.

April 20, 2011

The New Room

It used to be a wide hallway we just walked through. We've working on it off and on since February. All that's left is the new couch and chair due in a couple of months.... oh, and new flat screen and sound system.

We broke down and had the wallpaper hung by a professional....one woman who did it in six hours.

Design, color, and concept by wife. labor by bb.

April 16, 2011

Girly Girl

Hailee was over for Mimi to syle her hair for a cheerleader banquet. Her new dress, shoes, and  new hairstyle for the occasion. Unbelievably, she'll be eleven years old on May eleventh.

April 11, 2011

To Buy or Not to Buy

Steely Dan is coming to Louisville in August and if I don't buy tickets soon it will sell out. This is torture for me. I haven't been to a concert in a long time and Steely Dan was and is one of my favorite bands. I called my brother to see if he wanted to go. He hasn't called me back yet...the brat.                                   

They're playing at The Louisville Palace. The Palace exhibits a Spanish Baroque motif with arcades, balconies and turrets. Cobalt blue, bursts of red and gold indirectly light all of the niches, coves and entrances. Above is a curved, vaulted ceiling with 139 sculptures of the faces of historical figures. The actual theater room inside The Palace is heavily ornamented and displays an imitation nighttime sky on the ceiling.

The theater is two stories with a floor and a balcony. Both floors contain bars that run the width of the building behind the theater, separated by a grand lobby of intricate art and architecture.

Its uncommon appearance has made it a popular venue for musicians to record live performances. I wonder if they're recording this concert.

Steely Dan 'Slang of Ages'  2003.

Let me put it this way doll
And I know it's getting late
I can tell from the planes of your face
That you're from out of state
But here in the Willows now here's the deal
Tomorrow's for squares -- tonight's for real

Drop me off in Groovetime
Do you hear the Slang of Ages
Show me how it's done

Now did you say you were from the Netherlands
Or was that "Netherworld"?
If you grew up in Amsterdam
Then I'm the Duke of Earl
These tabs look iffy -- you say they're good
Let's roll with the homeys -- knock on wood

Drop me off in Groovetime
Soothe me with the Slang of Ages
Show me where I turn

Are you all part of the Dreaming
Or the end of my life so far?
Or something half way in between
You oughta know
Hey -- where'd she go?
Damn -- she skipped dimensions
Was it something that I said?
Or something I was thinking
When she opened up my head?
Let me make it right baby -- never mind how
There's a crazy little place I know called "Be There Now"

Drop me off in Groovetime
Do you hear the Slang of Ages
Show me how it's done
Drop me off in Groovetime
Soothe me with the Slang of Ages
This is where I turn

April 6, 2011


I felt more sluggish than usual rolling out of bed Monday. I chaulked it up to wife and I working in the yard and garden spring cleaning most of the day Sunday. I stumbled into the kitchen to put water on for coffee and by then I knew something was skulking around in my veins, making me feel sick as a dog. I felt as if I had the hangover from hell.

Allergies, I thought. The days are getting warmer and I was practically wallering around in the lawn and garden yesterday. After struggling to eat a bowl of shredded wheat and finishing my coffee I started feeling nauseous. I hit the couch and slept off and on for four hours.

Wife woke me and commanded me to make a doctor's appointment. Walter doesn't come into the office on Mondays so I hauled my sorry ass to an urgent care place. I've been to this place a few times but they always have me fill out the Emancipation Proclamation of confidentiality agreement. I could care less if the whole world knew I was sick today.

They show me to the same room I've been in before to sit and wait for the doctor. He finally makes his appearance and introduces himself as Dr. Smith. I mentally bet his first name is John. He asked a bunch of questions and nurse comes in and wants a sample of snot from both nostrils. She leaves with the snot rockets and it seems like forever before Smith comes back.

You have the flu. The Flu? I haven't had the flu since I was the little kid. I take flu shots almost every year. It must be the Roederer Correctional Complex Hong Cong Crud. He gives me Tamilflu and phenergan for the nausea. He also gives me hydrocodone for the head and body aches. That's kinda overdoing it.

I fill the prescriptions and sleep the rest of the day. I call in to work and tell them I won't be in the next couple of days and I choke down a slice of toast for dinner and sleep in the guest bedroom. Wife gives me a wave good-night. My right shoulder bursitis decides to act up and I can't sleep. I'm glad I filled the hydrocodone script and take one. I know from experience Ibruprofen won't touch this pain.

I've been having alot of dreams lately. My brother and I are back at U of K and the whole campus is partying for spring break. It was like Daytona beach converged on the campus and Brad and I were going from bar to bar, drunk as hell. That's all I remember.

I don't how Tamilflu works but it does the trick and today I feel almost back to my ornery self. I've forgotten how bad influenza can make you feel. I tell ya...I was sick as a dog.