September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Boss

Bruce Springsteen turns 60 today.

September 21, 2009

Notre Dame Beats Michigan State

I spent most of the day Saturday cleaning the deck, slightly bent over, my hand on the pistol grip business end of a pressure washer, blasting away the algae and grime which had ground into the wood over one year’s time. I rise up to stretch my stiffened back at ten minute intervals so I won’t transform myself into a permanent Quasimodo, The Hunchback of Woodview Circle.

There is no easy way out of this tedious, tortuous chore besides dividing the deck into sections and blast it over a stretch of two or three days. If left unclean, the shaded deck becomes a pratfall minefield of Mack Sennett proportions.

The hum of the pressure washer makes listening to music impossible so you’re left dividing your attention between the actual cleaning and your own random thoughts which mainly consist of thinking about where I could possibly store a gas powered, 10,000 psi pressure washer and wonder if this pressure-washer-honker, if bought, would be too powerful and peel back splinters of wood from the top…. talk about a rustic look.

I finally finish and I’m dog tired and my back stays sore and stiff for the next couple of days. Next weekend is the water seal application. Victor Hugo would be proud and we’re safe from broken bone lawsuits for the next couple of years.

September 20, 2009

We Did Need The Rain Though

This is what we watched on TV tonight. I'm so glad we switched to satelite television.

September 18, 2009

It's Friday!

'Rag And Bone' by The White Stripes. Have a good weekend.

Bob Dylan

'If You Ever Go To Houston' 2009.

September 17, 2009


Cricket and other insect sounds, unceasing and constant, make sitting on the porch in the cool fall air a drowsy struggle to keeps the lids open. We chilled all evening. We made a spinach salad with french bread and had a night off from having to do anything.

Our enclosed porch in the back of the house is my favorite room. Wife's baskets hang from beams that run the length of the room under the stained tongue-in-groove vaulted ceiling which gives it a rustic feel. Wife wants to paint it white...hmmm, I don't like that idea. It would ruin the rusticity. (Is that a word?)

Anyway, the unceasing and unwavering sound of the crickets outside reminded me of something I read a long time ago. Vietnam veterans who went out on night patrol in the jungle, their senses ramped up by adrenalin, said the Earth made a noise. All who experienced the sound said it was an almost indescribable unceasing and unwavering hum.

Scientists say that the Earth does indeed produce a hum which is caused by waves colliding in the ocean. When waves of same size collide it sends a special kind of pressure to the ocean floor and when hit with this pressure produces a low sound frequency.

I went outside to listen and all I could hear were the crickets which was just fine with me.

September 16, 2009

Say Goodbye To Summer

Don Henley 'Boys Of Summer' 1984.

September 15, 2009

Juan And Willie

Juan Martin Del Potro outplayed Roger Federer yesterday to win the US Open men’s singles title. During the first set it seemed that Federer was going to pick Del Potro’s game apart for his sixth title in a row but after that Federer’s unforced errors and double faults kept adding up until it was too late. It was match point and Federer hit a shot over the baseline. Del Potro fell to the court, half laughing and half crying.

This is the second time an Argentine has won the US Open. The first was Guillermo Vilas, winning over Jimmy Conners in 1977. Vilas was a big hero of mine back in the 70’s. He won four Grand Slam titles: the 1977 French Open, 1977 US Open, and the 1978 and 1979 Australian Open. He had a 46-match all surface winning streak which is still unrivalled.

September 12, 2009

Sparkling Conversation

We were milling about the kitchen popping corn and fixing a couple of cokes. That's a southern phrase 'fixing a coke'.

Wife said "I wish I'd thought of the frozen stuff."
"What frozen stuff?"

I heard giggles and the porch screen door slide open. It was the all girl prissy-pack from down the street. The oldest waved her hand out, beaming.

"Look what he gave me but it's not a going steady ring, I'm going to tell my dad it's a friendship ring and I think he'll say it's ok he's sooo foxy and cool and everything!"

Just as quickly they were out the door, cycling down the driveway spreading more boyfriend cheer.

Monfils cracked a running forehand down the line that left Nadal standing; 15/love.

"That french guy's got a helluva forehand, he won the first set."

"It's those frozen pigs in a blanket."

Monfils ends a 27 stroke point with a drop volley that Nadal hadn't prayer to reach; 30/love.

"Nice touch."
"Dag, Where's he from?"
"What frozen pigs in a blanket?"
"Those one's from Schwan's."
"You didn't like your Sub?"
She waggled her palmed down hand in the air.

Nadal walks back to the baseline with a look of frustration. Monfils had hit a perfect lob; 40/love.

"I wish you had remembered those frozen pigs in a blanket."
"you didn't like your sub?"
"I would've liked a couple of pigs in a blanket better."
"What kind of sub did you get?"
She rolled her eyes. "You could've picked something else."
"I couldn't resist."
"With mayo I suppose."
"Mayo, lettuce, red onions, and jalapanos."
She looked at me like I had just sprouted a second head. "Gross."

Monfils won the game with another forehand. At the end of the evening Nadal wins the match in four sets. Monfils ran out of gas. Fitness and desire prevailed.

"Has Nadal ever won the Open?"
"No, and he won't this year unless Federer gets hit by a bus."

September 9, 2009

Tennis Anyone?

Last Sunday a friend called me to ask if I would play tennis with a foreign exchange student he’s hosting. His name is Antonio, he’s from Seville, Spain, he’s sixteen years old, and he beat me like a drum. If he participated in the USTA juniors circuit I’m guessing he’d be ranked very high. Antonio plays with fierce topspin on both wings making the ball leap coming off the ground. It’s been awhile since I’ve hit around with someone that good. It was exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. The next day the tendonitis in my right hand was so bad I thought I may have stress fractured my wrist.

Tonight USA’s seventeen-year-old Melanie Oudin plays her quarter-final match against Caroline Wozniacki, who pulled a few upsets herself to get to tonight’s match. I’ll be pulling for Oudin who just turned pro last year.

September 4, 2009

Herpes Simplex Virus I

During the third day of building the privacy fence I thought a Hydrangea branch had hit my lip. It felt swollen but after a minute I knew what it was; a canker sore, fever blister, cold sore. I knew it was going to be a whopper. I ran in and applied Zovirax and hoped for the best.

It got so big it developed its own personality and wanted to be my blog profile pic. After a few days the center of my upper lip looked like an aerial shot of the June Taylor Dancers.

September 2, 2009

A Little Joni


Left, A Climbing Hydrangea which takes seven years to bloom. I think it's due next Summer.

September 1, 2009

Johnny Cash; RIP

Rosanne Cash 'Black Cadillac' 2003.