August 31, 2013

Eastern High School Band Practice

That's not Benny Goodman...That's my Grand daughter.

August 21, 2013

Red Waves

The car buyer is my former boss. He called me right before wife and I left for the County Clerk's Office to transfer the car title to tell us there was a body in the parking lot. "We're walking out the door right now."

Two  minutes later we pull up in the parking lot, wife in her car. I'm driving the car to be sold. There were three police cars and a knot of Officers milling around behind the yellow tape next to the deceased car. They lifted the cover off of the body and put the body into a body bag while the other police were going through his car. There was a very large pool of blood next to the car. It was an apparent suicide in which the got out of his car, got on his knees and probably shot himself in the head causing the large amount of blood.

 By the time we changed the car title and walked out, a fireman was hosing down the parking area, diluting the blood. It had a metallic smell to it. The fire truck left and it was another day in Louisville. A car moving slowly through the lot causing a small wave of red water.