October 25, 2012

Pre Halloween Painting Fun

I've been working alot around the old homestead lately. In September I killed the lawn and power seeded front and back with a blend of fescue called Trifecta. I've been wanting to do this for years and finally got around to it. It's now 100 percent lush grass instead of 98 percent wild onion, wild violet, and other various and assorted weeds. There was this particular weed that I couldn't kill and had to pull out by hand. This could probably grow on Mars. The rover will find it soon.

I've painted the front porch railing and the external wood of the back porch. Yesterday was when it got surreal. Many years ago I cut corbels to put in each corner where the wide porch facia board met the vertical boards. Looks nice but they're a pain in the neck to paint. I had the screen door slid open on the south side to paint the inside of the corbel and I saw what appeared to be an old wasp nest in the inside corner. There wasn't much light and I couldn't see it well. I slid the screen door shut and thought I heard a buzz sound. I thought crap, I'll have to stop and kill these wasps and clean out the nest before I can finish.

I slid the screen slightly open to see if I could determine about how many wasps I was dealing with. I thought I saw some movement and then THE WHOLE NEST WAS MOVING. I tried to shut the screen real quick and it was catching on something and I heard a squeaking sound. Watching the thing move it dawned on me IT WAS A BAT! One wing came out and then it dropped a little and out it flew. Then another bat came out and flew off....there were two of them! I must've been standing there with my mouth open. I was stunned. They haven't returned.....yet. 

October 4, 2012

Divine Fits

My latest favorite song I've been hearing on the radio lately Divine Fits "Would That Not Be Nice" A very good live performance in Austin, Texas last August.