December 23, 2012

North South East West Morning Noon and Night

"Didn't we go to your mother's on Christmas Eve last year?"

"No, we went down to my mother's last year on Christmas Eve last year."

"We went at Christmas Eve night...right?"

"Christmas Eve lasts all day, but yes it was Christmas eve night."

"Shouldn't we say Christmas Eve eve?"

"Yeah, whatever."

"Whatever!, if you make the distinction between up and down according to the direction of travel we should be precise about eve and night."

"She lives south of us, so we go down to mother's. That's just logical."

"That's not logical. up and down do not follow a north or south axis, up follows from the earth's center to the sky, and down follows in the opposite direction." Your mother doesn't live below us underground.

"I'm not going to say, "Hey Barry, we're going south to mother's on Christmas Eve eve this year."

"Just leave out the word south and say "Hey Barry, we're going to mother's on Christmas Eve eve this year."

"I'll tell ya what, I'll leave out north, south, east, west, and the eve at the end of Christmas Eve."

"Ok, but I'll still wonder what time of day on Christmas Eve we'll be leaving. I might not be ready to go on time. I guess I'll get up, shower and dress in my Christmas finery Christmas Eve morning so I'll be ready to go at a moments notice."

December 13, 2012

The ubiquitous second grade paper plate turkey effect. It reminds me of a muppet character somehow.