April 29, 2010

Sea Change

'End Of The Day' from Beck's 2002 album 'Sea Change', one of Beck's best albums.

End Of The Day

I've seen the end of the day come too soon
Not a lot to say, not a lot to do
You played the game, you owe nothing to yourself
Rest a day, for tomorrow you can't tell
You can't tell

I've seen the end of the day come too late
Seen the love you had turning into hate
Had to act like I didn't even care
But I did so I got stranded standing there
Standing there

It's nothing that I haven't seen before
But it still kills me like it did before
No it's nothing that I haven't seen before
But it still kills me like it did before

I've seen the end of the day come too soon
Like the prison dogs they set out after you
You owe nothing to the past but wasted time
To serve a sentence that was only in your mind
In your mind

It's nothing that I haven't seen before
But it still kills me like it did before
No it's nothing that I haven't seen before

April 24, 2010

Super Lump

Last night wife asked me if I wanted crabs cakes for dinner tonight and I said sure. She just called me from Highland Fish Market.
"Guess what a pound of lump crab meat costs"
"I'll take a wild guess and say fifteen dollars."
"twenty-four dollars a pound, and the super lump crab meat is thirty-nine! Do you still want crab cakes for dinner?"
"Nope, and I guess I won't be watching anymore 'Deadliest Catch'."

April 22, 2010

Hailee's Favorite

Whenever Hailee rides in my truck she asks to hear Beck's 'Que Onda Guero'. She loves it. Que Onda Guero is Spanish for 'What's up white boy.' or 'what's up whitey.' Beck Hanson grew up in southern California and was often referred to as Guero by the Hispanic community. Guero can also be translated as 'blonde' or 'blondie'.

Beck 'Que Onda Guero' 2005.

It Was Bronchitis

It Was Bronchitis. I was right! Ding ding ding ding ding.


I grew up in a subdivision called Briarwood and across the road was a swim club called Plantation Country Club. Known simply as 'Plantation', it had a fifty meter pool divided on one end by a bulk head. On the other side was the sixteen foot diving well and the diving tower which had thiry-three and sixteen foot diving platforms.

I used to do some crazy stuff off those platforms. You first worked up the nerve to jump and proceeded to can-openers, butt-busters, cannon-balls, flips, and suicides. I could do it all except anything involving my back to the diving well. It gave me the heebie-jeebies.

I was on the Plantation Swim Team, which at the time was the biggest and best swim team in the Eastern United States. The head coach was Ralph Wright who founded Plantation in 1957. He was quite the swimmer in his day, breaking many records. He swam at the age of 15 being only one of 14 swimmers to swim the perilous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco's Bay at the dedication of the bridge in 1937.

I remember, after swimming one of my first events on the team and doing poorly, Ralph Wright was there to pull me out of the pool, told me my time and encouraged me to remember it and improve upon it. At the time I didn't even know who he was.

It wasn't long after that, Ralph Wright was shot to death in Plantation's parking lot in 1966. He was shot by an unstable man who was angry about his son not getting a job at Plantation's dining room. He was eventually convicted and went to prison for the murder. I was only eleven years old but I remember the shooting well, although I had to call my parents to get the details.

April 21, 2010

Pollen Avenue

I was sick today and see the Doc tomorrow morning. Symptoms: Coughing, lethargic, low grade fever (D-), that sick taste in my mouth. Self Diagnoses: Bronchitis brought on by allergies, (I'm allergic to every known tree in the universe.)

Joni Mitchell 'Cotton Avenue' 1977.

April 17, 2010

Haywood Banks

Haywood Banks on the Bob and Tom Show performing his 'Wheels on a Big Rig'.

April 16, 2010

Might Makes Right

This morning they announced the bridge closings for Thunder as I was drinking my coffee and reading the newspaper. I kissed wife goodbye and wheeled the yard waste can out to the front yard and started edging the front garden, weed, and prune things that needed pruning.

Bent over, I heard the loud drone of the military plane approaching. I quickly stood up and scanned the sky but couldn't find it, even though I could tell it was very close. It turned to be a phantom plane, I guessed, making secret Thunder preparations.

Thundered Over Louisville, where they show America's military's might during the day and burn up a million dollars worth of fireworks at night. Wife asked me a few nights ago if I wanted to go to Thunder. Not in a million years. That's what Hi-Def is for, I told her, and besides, the jets that fly down the Ohio river heading east, end up screeching over our neighborhood fifteen seconds later.

During the day of Thunder, Louisville's the safest city in America. If some Taliban tries to light his underwear on fire here, we're covered. We'd blow his ass to Kingdom Come.

Matt Morris 'The Un-American' 2010.

Steely Dan

I've been listening to alot of Steely Dan lately and even their old stuff doesn't sound dated. I remember the first time I heard them on the radio I thought 'Wow, who are these guys?' They were like nothing I'd ever heard before. Even their straight ahead pop tunes had an underlying difference.

They've been around since '72 and still putting out their almost unclassifiable sound with the cryptic lyrics.

Steely Dan 'Pixeleen' 2003.


Our man Abu squeezes off twenty tracer rounds
And that's when she jumps the turnstile
And as she clings to the roof of the speeding train
The Double A down to Sheridan Square
Her cell phone rings
It's, like, her stupid father
Be in the door by ten -- again

Dream deep my three-times perfect ultrateen
Born in the bogs of Jersey
Trained how to love and spy hard
Dropped on the streets of Roppongi
Soaked through on the floor of a noodle shop

And when Abu rams the clip in the miniglock
Up on the catwalk inside the warehouse
You whip a knife from the top of your go-go boot
With just a flash of spectacular thigh
Your pager starts to throb
It's your as-if boyfriend Randall
Better keep it real -- or whatever

Rave on my sleek and soulful cyberqueen
Penned by a hack in the Palisades
Backed by some guys from Columbia
Shot all in digital video
For a million and change

Flashback to cool summer nights
Freddy can we cut to the chase?
In the room above your garage
Everything about me is different
Symmetrical and clean

This is what I see
Just a girl in girlie trouble
Dancing in the video with gun and tambourine

Be good my three-times perfect ultrateen
Born on the floor of a noodle shop
Dropped in the bogs of Jersey
Shot by a guy from Columbia
Soaked through all in digital video
Girl with the sweet backstory
Pitched in a trailer in Burbank
Cast by a cool-enough yes-man
Screened at a festival in Utah

April 12, 2010

Acini di pepe

Walking in the door from work I was greeted with "I can't find Acini di pepe anywhere." I knew wife was making her Frogeye Salad recipe to have after Diane's memorial service tomorrow, it makes a washtub full. We called Lotsa Pasta and they had it in stock. I drove all the way to St Matthews to get it but I didn't really mind. Everyone loves it.

Acini di pepe is a form of pasta. Italian for "peppercorns", they look like tiny beads. Also sometimes referred to as pastina (Italian for "tiny dough"); however, some pasta makers distinguish pastina as smaller than acini di pepe. That's hard to imagine a pasta smaller than Acini di pepe.

Here's the recipe:

1 pkg Acini di pepe
2 cans (15-20oz each) crushed pineapple
2 cans (15-20oz each) mandarin oranges
3 egg yolks
1 cup (240 mL) sugar
1 tub whipped topping
1/2 pkg miniature marshmallows

1.Cook pasta in a large saucepan.
2.Drain & rinse pasta.
3.Drain cans of pineapple and oranges, reserving juice.
4.Mix juices, sugar and egg yolks in a medium saucepan.
5.Bring to full rolling boil, then pour over pasta.
6.Refrigerate overnight.
7.Next day, add fruit and mix well.
8.Fold in whipped topping and marshmallows.

April 11, 2010

Over the Rainbow

Tonight I heard my grand-daughter singing 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' when she thought no one was paying attention to her. She knew all the lyrics from music class in grade school. She sounded so sweet.

Diane Barnes Tanselle

The last week has been surreal. It was like watching a movie but the person who's murdered is someone you know, a cousin, a daughter, a sister, and a mother. It was real enough though and the horrible week dragged along as in slow motion.

Early Thursday morning Diane's van was found parked in an apartment complex. The police towed it to a stolen vehicle compound, opened the van, and found Diane's badly decomposed body. What the family knew in the back of their minds was now shockingly realized.

Diane was raised by her aunt, my mother-in-law, and was more like a sister to my wife. Last night we got together with all Diane's brothers, nieces, daughters, son, and grand-children. It's a huge family and was an emotional evening.

The Louisville Metro Detectives put in alot of work, and are still working, gathering evidence against Thomas Kessinger and another "person of interest" building the case for the person(s) responsible for this senseless murder. It will be a long process.

My 88 year old mother-in-law said that if she were in a wheelchair by the time of the trial, that we'd better get her downtown to the court house somehow. We promised her we would.

April 8, 2010

Sad News for The Family

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - After searching for her for nearly a week, Louisville Metro Police said they have found 50-year-old Diane Tanselle. On the morning of April 8, Tanselle's 1997 Chevy Astro Van was found parked outside the Post Oak Apartment Homes in Lyndon. Her body was found inside.

According to Sgt. Aaron Crowell of LMPD, the Tanselle's van was found by an officer with the Graymoor-Devondale Police Department around 5:30 a.m.

"The vehicle was transported to the Louisville Metro Police auto theft garage where a search warrant was conducted and the body of Diane Tanselle was recovered inside that vehicle," Crowell said.

Crowell believes Tanselle had been dead for days, but did not say how long her van sat abandoned in a parking space. Valentine Bates, a resident of Post Oak Apartment Homes, said she noticed the van for the first time on the night of April 7.

"It just showed up. I assumed someone was visiting 'cause there's nobody in my apartment building that drives a van -nobody," said Bates. "I don't know where it came from. [I don't know] who dropped it off. We didn't see nobody. [I] didn't really think much of it."

While Crowell is keeping many of the details tight-lipped, he said a person passing by the van wouldn't have been able to see Tanselle's body. Crowell said there are a couple of people named as persons of interest, but the only one they are identifying is Thomas Kessinger, Tanselle's business partner.

Kessinger is currently being held in the Clark County, Indiana Jail held on drug charges following a chase that began April 5 at his Lyndon home. LMPD officers had gone to Kessinger's home to talk with him about Tanselle's disappearance and possible drug activity. Tanselle's van was discovered about three blocks from Kessinger's home.

Indiana court documents reveal that investigators found Tanselle's cell phone in Kessinger's backyard and a large amount of suspected blood inside Kessinger's home. While detectives are not saying any more than that, Crowell said he has talked with Tanselle's family.

"This is a difficult time for them," said Crowell. "They've been extremely cooperative in our investigation. Our prayers go out to them."
An autopsy will be performed to determine how Tanselle died. At the current time, Kessinger is not charged in connection with Tanselle's disappearance or her death.

This week has seemed unreal for our family and now comes the trial. Probably The People vs. Thomas Kessinger. Who knows how long it will take.

Steely Dan

Steely Dan 'The Last Mall' 2003.


My wife's cousin, Diane Tanselle, has been missing since last Friday. Here's yesterday's news story.

This morning they found a van near Tom Kessinger's home; Emily just called and said the detective working the case told her they suspected that there is a "deceased person" inside the van and they're waiting for forensics to arrive before opening the van.

Louisville, Ky. (WHAS11) - WHAS11 News has learned that a van police say is connected to the case of a woman missing since last weekend, has been found.

The van was found at the Post Oak apartment homes in the 8100 block of New Lagrange Road.

Diane Tanselle was last seen Friday evening at her tanning salon in Lyndon.

Evidence found in the home of her former business partner, Thomas Kessinger, may place Diane Tanselle near or inside his home around the time she was reported missing.

Kessinger is a person of interest in the case.

Court documents show blood was found in his home and a cell phone-possibly Tanselle's-was found in his backyard.

People who work near the salon also say they saw signs of a struggle behind Tanselle's business.

Kessinger is being held on a $100,000 bond.

WHAS11.com has a crew at the scene and WHAS11.com will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.

April 6, 2010

Twilight In A Tower

I had drawn a Tower during roll call and spent all day thirty feet in the air. The day started sunny then dark clouds rolled in with the wind. It tried to clear and then a second wave of rain. At the end of the shift the clouds were blowing across the sky ragged and torn to shreds.

Later, wife and I were at Kroger. She held up a bag of shredded cheddar cheese with one hand and with the other waved her fingers, pointed down, in a sprinkling motion. I knew exactly what this shorthand meant. I smiled in agreement. It's funny how such a simple gesture can have such a subtle significance.

That night I dreamt.

In the Tower I was looking at Venus shining through the fading blue. I was thinking of my grandfather. He called it the Evening Star and told me when I was a little boy how to find it in the sky.

I was on the cat walk and, looking inside, there was my wife eating cheese nachos and watching a flat screen television. There were end tables, lamps, and all the comforts of home. I looked east and there was no prison buildings and I felt that it had somehow become underground.

There appeared a small group of men in prison garb clumsily throwing spears at me which I easily dodged. As they came closer their numbers and accuracy increased and I was throwing spears back at them. I became increasingly alarmed the closer they approached the tower.

The men started to climb the tower and onto the cat walk. I was inside handing them tables, chairs, and anything I could find of value which seemed to pacify the men. My wife sat in the recliner asking me if I wanted to give them the computer which was no ordinary computer but a state of the art, bleeding edge, super computer.

The men heard her and started raising hell again, clamoring for the computer. I woke, my heart beating fast. It took awhile to get back to sleep wondering if the Evening Star was out at 1:30.

April 4, 2010

Duncan Sheik

I found this to be a pretty good song for Easter. Weird considering Duncan Sheik is a Buddhist.

Duncan Sheik 'The Dawn's Request' 2006

April 1, 2010

Long Run

The day was seventy something degrees and today is supposed to climb to eighty-two. This morning I walked out to get the newspaper, the sky was clear and the birds were riotous.

We went to Long Run Park yesterday evening and cooked out. I met a woman by the name of Beatrice who had moved here from New Jersey with her husband. She works for IT in the Corrections Department at a prison close to the prison where I work. So there is hope that I will eventually move up into IT, I just have to be patient.

The other day I had my massage by Ms. Hieronymous, it was heaven. My advice to those with or without back pain is head to your friendly neighborhood masseuse and indulge yourself.

Here's a sardonic little tune I like that's been getting alot of radio air time lately.
The Magnetic Fields - 'You Must Be Out of Your Mind' 2010.