April 1, 2010

Long Run

The day was seventy something degrees and today is supposed to climb to eighty-two. This morning I walked out to get the newspaper, the sky was clear and the birds were riotous.

We went to Long Run Park yesterday evening and cooked out. I met a woman by the name of Beatrice who had moved here from New Jersey with her husband. She works for IT in the Corrections Department at a prison close to the prison where I work. So there is hope that I will eventually move up into IT, I just have to be patient.

The other day I had my massage by Ms. Hieronymous, it was heaven. My advice to those with or without back pain is head to your friendly neighborhood masseuse and indulge yourself.

Here's a sardonic little tune I like that's been getting alot of radio air time lately.
The Magnetic Fields - 'You Must Be Out of Your Mind' 2010.

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