September 12, 2009

Sparkling Conversation

We were milling about the kitchen popping corn and fixing a couple of cokes. That's a southern phrase 'fixing a coke'.

Wife said "I wish I'd thought of the frozen stuff."
"What frozen stuff?"

I heard giggles and the porch screen door slide open. It was the all girl prissy-pack from down the street. The oldest waved her hand out, beaming.

"Look what he gave me but it's not a going steady ring, I'm going to tell my dad it's a friendship ring and I think he'll say it's ok he's sooo foxy and cool and everything!"

Just as quickly they were out the door, cycling down the driveway spreading more boyfriend cheer.

Monfils cracked a running forehand down the line that left Nadal standing; 15/love.

"That french guy's got a helluva forehand, he won the first set."

"It's those frozen pigs in a blanket."

Monfils ends a 27 stroke point with a drop volley that Nadal hadn't prayer to reach; 30/love.

"Nice touch."
"Dag, Where's he from?"
"What frozen pigs in a blanket?"
"Those one's from Schwan's."
"You didn't like your Sub?"
She waggled her palmed down hand in the air.

Nadal walks back to the baseline with a look of frustration. Monfils had hit a perfect lob; 40/love.

"I wish you had remembered those frozen pigs in a blanket."
"you didn't like your sub?"
"I would've liked a couple of pigs in a blanket better."
"What kind of sub did you get?"
She rolled her eyes. "You could've picked something else."
"I couldn't resist."
"With mayo I suppose."
"Mayo, lettuce, red onions, and jalapanos."
She looked at me like I had just sprouted a second head. "Gross."

Monfils won the game with another forehand. At the end of the evening Nadal wins the match in four sets. Monfils ran out of gas. Fitness and desire prevailed.

"Has Nadal ever won the Open?"
"No, and he won't this year unless Federer gets hit by a bus."


  1. Popcorn, I forgot youngest daughter living with us, said, Mom some of your pop corn sounds good tonight for a snack. This was while we were doing up the dinner dishes. I said, well maybe, and then I conveniently forgot. LOL Perhaps tonight, when I pop it, I always have to make two poppers. I use coconut oil, and pop corn salt, and I must admit it is good.

    I don't watch tennis, Abe still does, when our 4th. child lived at home, it was on all the time. In fact her and the youngest have gone to New york two different years to watch the games. They both were on their high school tennis teams.

    Have a great week-end.

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  3. I don't think I could eat a whole pig in a blanket, maybe if it was just in a sheet... we eat smaller portions in Europe - you say your wife could down two - impressive!!

    She likes them frozen- a sort of pig popsicle?

    I'd go for the steak sub with mayo every time.