April 22, 2011

Synchronicity for Everybody

I was at work this past Saturday and I got to thinking about this guy my wife and I used to talk to at our old gym. Since we switched gym membership a couple of years ago we haven't seen him since.

Jerry was very funny and witty in a very dry sort of way and it took awhile to know just how funny and unique he was. Whenever we saw him we knew that working out would take a back seat to standing around yaking and having a few yuks. As I was sitting at the Gate One post I got to thinking he would join the gym we go to now and that I would surely see him soon bopping around the weights, plugged into his ipod. I miss the guy.

When I got home wife was putting away the groceries.

"You wouldn't believe who I saw at the grocery!"
"Jerry from the old gym?"
"'Cause I was just thinking about him today at work. Is he still going to Fitness 19?"
"No! He told me he just joined our gym!"

That doesn't happen often, but it does happen....the synchronicity. It happens to everybody.

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  1. Actually there's fine print in a marriage contract ... something about women are allowed to read our thoughts and we can catch up to them only if they want to psych us out.