April 25, 2011

A Monday on Frankfort Avenue

My wife and I took an antique lamp to have re-brassed to H & D Brass today. H & D Brass is on Frankfort Avenue, a narrow road close to downtown Louisville on which train tracks run parallel along side of the street. On the other side of Frankfort are small shops, remodelled old homes, and restaurants. I supposed you could call it gentrified.

Back in the 80's I lived off Frankfort Avenue in an apartment complex called Belleau Wood. There was a famous WWI battle which took place at Belleau Wood along the Marne River in France in 1918. The apartments looked nothing like a battle field, but it was heavily wooded. Go figure.

We parked outside H & D Brass and I took the antique lamp out of the back seat. Wife said don't dare get hit by a car, it might break the lamp. We ordered a new globe and chimney and left the lamp there to be re-brassed. I asked the guy how old he thought the lamp was and he said around the turn of the century...maybe 1918...from France...along the Marne River.

On the way home we stopped at this place called Bluegrass Burgers to eat. There were a couple of women there al freso-ing and one was breast feeding her baby. We went inside and ordered and wife asked me if I wanted to eat outside. I said sure. The baby was done at the milk bar. The other woman had a baby too. We started talking with them and they were both mid-wives who worked mainly in a Amish community across the river in Indiana.

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