September 19, 2008


I used to think Mayor Jerry Abramson wasn't a bad guy but after Ike blew through Louisville last Sunday and knocked out power to 290,000 LG&E customers, I think he's a heel. Abramson said on a local news conference ON TV "our first focus will be restoring power to Valhalla and Lake Forest." He should have kept that little tidbit of news to himself. I can understand that Louisville wants to put it's best face forward and that the Ryder Cup will generate alot of money for our city, but please Jerry, is it only about money and prestige and not about the citizens of Louisville which you govern? .... there, I feel all better now.

Ike knocked power out at my employer's Louisville office so a lot of the functions which KHESLC must perform were moved to the Frankfort office, where we (the Network Services Branch) set up workstations and provided support for the Louisville people at our office in Frankfort. It's been a very busy week for all of us. This morning we learned that the Louisville office is back on the power grid and there were alot of smiling faces.

My humble abode is still a dark and forboding place since we're still without power but in the larger scheme of things I still feel fortunate that we escaped any major damage to our home and the larger branches that fell are the only thing I have to clean up. It could have been much, much worse. Charlene called me just awhile ago and said that someone had loaned her a battery operated TV with a two inch screen. It's party time at the McClain house this weekend! We can watch the Ryder Cup now.....what a relief!


  1. I've been wondering how you are and if you were affected by the storm. I don't know where you posted from if you are without power at your house... but glad to know you are OK enough and so is your house. I have a few posts about what happened here. We didn't suffer much at all, and have been trying to help with the aftermath for our blessings....

  2. What a wild week in Louisville... I still cannot get over what happened. You'll have to tell me how the shoebox of a television held up for the weekend. You're back in business now, RIGHT?