May 16, 2009

The Surface of The Exterior

Wife and I went downtown to Charlie Wilson's Appliance & Electronics today to buy a TV. Charlie Wilson's has been on Market Street a very long time. Daniel Boone bought supplies there when on his way to explore the Falls of the Ohio, back when Charlie Wilson sold salt, traps, and flintlock rifles. You can't say that Charlie hasn't changed with the times.

Every city probably has a store similar to this. A store where you get very good personal service, the prices beat every store around, and beats shopping at all the mega-chain stores hands down.

When I was around thirteen years old my parents took me there to buy my first TV set with the money I earned delivering newspapers. It was a nineteen inch B&W Sylvania. I was thrilled. When we remodeled our kitchen a few years back, we bought all our new appliances there; fridge, microwave, oven, and dishwasher.

We came home with a thiry-two inch LCD flat panel to replace the TV on our back porch room. We practically stole the thing from old Charlie. He's so INSANE, he's practically giving them away! While taking it out of the box and assembling the swivel stand, I came across a square of pastel green cloth in a cellophane bag.

The instructions for use of this cloth read:
"Slightly wipe stained spot on the exterior only with the cleansing cloths for the product exterior if there is stain or fingerprint on surface of the exterior."

Our new TV is nice. I threw the cloth away.


  1. Did Charlie write the instructions for the cloth? ;^)

  2. oh I loved reading this BB. So many great images and words that provoke my own memories.

    Not to mention that you got a big giant flat screen! you may never leave the house again!

  3. I love the instructions - keep them, and the cloth you never know 'fingerprint might get on exterior'

  4. Ah, proof that SOMEONE does read the instructions!