August 4, 2010

100 In The Shade

We've had a very warm Summer. It's rare that it doesn't ramp up over ninety degrees most days. The local TV news rolls out it's annual warnings on how not to die when it's hot out.

Awhile back they said "drink plenty of water" then came "drink plenty of fluids." Nowadays it's "stay hydrated and don't leave babies in a hot car."

I went to the hydration recreational unit this morning, packed my thermal control box with hydrate cubes, and threw in a couple of soda hydration aluminum cylinders.

At about 1100 hours I bi-pedaled out to my internal combustion machine. the heat hit me in the cabeza like a open handed strike to my mandible area. Before I got out of my truck at the pool I scanned the extended cab for babies.

It's 101 degrees now. We're sick of this stuff and looking forward to October.

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