September 1, 2010


We were browsing the wares at Williams Sonoma. Wife has been wanting to buy new pots and pans, specifically the pricey five ply all clad pots and pans. I don't blame her for wanting the best. She loves to cook and she's good at it, so...what the hell.

This five ply all clad stuff is supposed to heat up faster and, so the saleswoman said you'll almost never have to turn the burners above medium flame. I can't wait to fry myself some gourmet bologna sandwiches...I'm sure they'll be magnifique.

Last week we celebrated a birthday and wife baked a rasberry chocolate cake. It fell apart as she was pouring the ganache on the three layers. It didn't look so good but was heaven to eat. I called it Firing Range Cake and wife gave me the stink eye.

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