January 10, 2011

The Price of Beautiful

We had come here after meeting the Luntes for pizza and beer at Impellizari's (best pizza in Louisville.) I had a couple of beers so wife drove us to Von Maur. She needed face cream. I seldom drink beer anymore and I had that floaty feeling. It's nice to be driven sometimes.

Watching the woman run her fingers across the keys in the post Christmas cavernous almost empty space of the department store, the notes had an empty sound. She was around seventy-five and I imagined her as an old maid who, in younger years, gave piano lessons to middle schoolers.

There's that mysterious link between wife and the sales clerk, full of female cues and symbols the meaning of which most men are clueless. They finally came to an agreement  which potions and lotions wife should purchase. Sales clerk rang her up as the pianist was reaching a crescendo. Surely I had heard wrong.

As we were walking to the car I asked her if what I heard was right. Wife said yes but it's cheaper than botox.


  1. ... and there's the odd way, unique to perfume counters, men are treated. A combination of, we are dumb boys and noodling sugar daddies who know nothing about those tiny expensive bottles.

  2. Impellizari's - you make me home sick for the old store front on Bardstown. The new one is kind of fancy. You know what - I love Wicks pizza.