December 22, 2011

Eyeing My Back

She drew a lttle sketch for me, how she would cut it out, holding her pen like a scalpel. I imagined the blade slicing around the iris/scab left over from the biopsy, making it look like the green eye atop a dollar bill pyramid.

She told me to lie on my "tummy" like I was ten years old. I felt the pin pricks for for the numbing medicine. I thought of asking for a shot in my brain, it being election season.

I was a little kid again at my Grandparents pool in Florida, the sun beating down on my shoulders. I remember the rest of the evening being miserable, my back and shoulders had blistered from too much sun. My sister paid the ulimate price from cumulative sunshine.

I was at the doc's a few weeks ago and he stethoscoped my breathing, and said I had a suspicious looking spot on my back. The dermatologist biopsied it and said it wasn't a melanoma but wanted to carve out a perimeter just to be safe. I was suprised how much tissue they took.

It looked like a small uncooked Chicken McNugget.

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