February 6, 2012

Peepers, Teavana, and Nirvana

I could see perfectly well this morning after putting my glasses on. I went to the eye doc to be evaluated for LASIK. A friend of mine who works as a sales rep for an eye care company recommended this doc. They dilated my pupils, measured my corneas, and tested my vision. After speaking with the doc I've decided against it and go back to contact lenses.

I met wife at the local mall and sitting at the corner of Teavana and Soma (where do they get the names of these stores?) I watched the hazy flow of people walking past. I was drinking a cup of Starbucks while eating a chocolate chip cookie. It was almost nirvana. Having your pupils dilated is similar to being tranquilized. You feel as though you're somewhat invisible as though you are a little kid again and when your eyes are closed no one can see you.

Back to LASIK, they slice the outer skin of your cornea, fold it back, and laser your cornea to reshape it. It takes about fifteen minutes and, bada-bing!, your eyes are eighteen years old again. It's not 100 percent risk free and that's the main reason I decided not to go that route. The cost is anywhere between $1,300 and $2,000 per peeper which isn't too bad considering the cost of eyewear and contacts over your lifetime. 

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