July 16, 2013

Times New Roman and the Louisville Times

We have less than two weeks left to clear out mother-in-law's condo. The place sold in less than two days by a cash buyer no less. We must be living right. A week ago we found a couple of pages of long ago defunct Louisville Times newspaper which featured photos of the devestation left by the April 3, 1974 tornado.

What I found more interesting were the ads.

Light-up your Party
with this mediterranean style Electrophonic
stereo bar   only $399


Electrophonic am-fm stereo phono 8-track player (hah!) 
only $199

Grand Opening Celebration At Devoe Paint
Come on out and win free prizes
  • color TV
  • 10 speed bike
  • free potholders (potholders would seal the deal for me)
  • balloons (whoopeeee!)
  • 500 rubber baseballs while they last
The average cost for a gallon of paint was six bucks...now a gallon of decent paint will cost thirty dollars or more.

Tornado victims! We will help our customers who suffered severe losses in the recent storms that struck Louisville

RCA XL-100 in a full door color console $599. 25" diagonal.       (If you lose everything in a tornado a TV will make everything all right especially when it's 600 bucks for a 25 inch screen)

Steely Dan   "Reelin' In The Years"   1972

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