June 4, 2008

Charlene's Birthday

Charlene was born in downtown Louisville at the Home for Unwed Mothers on June 3rd 1949. At that more innocent time in America, a young unmarried pregnant woman by the name of Betty Chilton was hush hush shuffled off from her baptist family's home in Lexington to live at the Home for Unwed Mothers until Charlene was born. To this day Charlene has three uncles who've never had the slightest idea that they have a niece, who is the spitting image of their sister, living seventy five miles down the road. Many years ago when Charlene's maternal grandmother, getting up in age, started babbling about her daughter giving birth, was promptly sent off to a nursing home and heavily sedated. By golly they were going to keep their little corner of America innocent if it took barrels of tranquilizers. Charlene was without a name for many months before she was adopted. Charlene jokes that she used to be known as Baby It.

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