October 21, 2009

Up To Me

I was coming back from buying a metal cutting blade for a little home project I was working on this morning and Joni Mitchell came on the radio singing "Down To You". Sometimes you can hear an old song at a certain time of day or time of life and it's the best song in the world because it fits your mood.

Towards the end of the song it really had me feeling sorry for myself with my current unemployed circumstances and I turned the radio off. Now is not the time for indulging in feeling sorry for myself. I have a second interview with a company which will probably lead to a third interview and maybe employment again.

So screw you Joni Mitchell and the radio wave you rode in on.

1 comment:

  1. Love all of Joni's voice/music/poetry, and yet she could be depressing like no one else!

    I was hoping to hear some word of your state with work, so I'm glad to read this and get caught up a little. Let us know how things go...