February 23, 2011

BB Studley

I rely on our neighbor Bill, a semi-retired Finnish carpenter, when doing projects involving wood working. The last three days I've held his compound miter saw and two nail guns hostage. However much I would like to buy these goodies, I can't justify it. Our living room smells like a saw mill but things are looking good. All the wainscotting and trim are up and I ran into very few problems.

Now comes the tedious finish work of setting odd finishing nails, which despite using the nail gun, didn't have enough umph to penetrate the plaster walls and the fifty-five year old studs beneath. I'm a fifty-five year stud myself...HAH. Caulking...how I hate to caulk, but no matter how much you'd like to be the perfect stud-carpenter, caulking is necessary.

Chair Rail Dragster.

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  1. Good for you ... using stud and caulk in the same sentence!