February 20, 2011

Never Ending

After the new hardwood floor, new baseboard and repainting the wood trim in our bedroom the remodel cancer has now spread to the living room. The wainscotting has been put up and tomorrow I start on chair rail and baseboard. I have the week off. surely I can finish in five days -- even with the unseen problems that will come. In spite of this, I love doing remodels on the house. It may be because of the problems that I like it.

On home improvement TV shows they edit out the cussing and gnashing of teeth. They make it look so simple. At the end of "New Yankee Workshop" Norm  Abram says you can order the plans for the project he just finished and you'll be off and running. Of course Norm has 100,000 dollars worth of equipment in his designer workshop and decades of professional woodworking experience.

After I'm through with my part we're papering between the chair rail and ceiling. Wife is the official wallpaperer and I'm her gofer. We work well together...hell we should, we've papered most every room in the house...twice.

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  1. From the get-go, I've disliked Norm and his show. Unreal and make-believe are the milder things I can say. Everytime he uses an air nailer for building furniture I want to throw a block of wood at him. Then there's his finishing techniques ... Just horrid. And that tool belt ... That's for carpenters not furniture makers.