March 13, 2011

As Clear as Water

I had a dream last night. I told my wife about it this morning:

"I was in a sort of forested outdoor ampitheater and I was called that there was trouble and started running where I somehow knew where the trouble would be and came upon a correctional sergeant (who I know from work.) He said they were coming.

Several wolf-like animals were running towards us. We were protecting each other, back to back, fending off the wolf-like creatures. We ran and the scene around me had changed to the UK campus. I was walking up and down the aisles of the student center theater searching the faces of the people for someone I knew. It was somehow important that I find him or her.

The creatures appeared again and I ran and the scene changed again to our home in the early morning. I rushed in the back porch. There were clothes neatly laying on the floor and I knew they belonged to a couple who are close friends of my wife and I.

I heard Bruce snoring in the living room and then he came out fully dressed with a hat on. He seemed upset and asked where I had been, your wife has been crying. My wife appeared and asked what I had been doing all night.

I held out my shredded bloodied arms and said this is what. There was a slow deep growling sound coming from outside. The wolf-like creature was as big as my truck and was circling the deck around our back porch.

I woke up terrified and it was awhile before could get back to sleep. It was 2:38am."

My wife said with all the stuff going on with you at the prison I can see where that dream came from, It's as clear as water.

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