March 24, 2011

Graffiti and Confetti

The car windshield had smears and she reached over to spray fluid and wipers. This slightly irritates me; who's driving this car anyway? Wife and I are going to pick up something quick to eat after the gym.

Last night I had an intense vivid dream. I'll blame it on the non-drowsy antihistamine I starting taking the other day.

I'm installing some sort of kit....a new kind of windshield washer kit to replace the old system on my truck. Someone says I'm going about it all wrong and besides, it works the same way as the old system anyway. This person is really upset over the way I'm doing it.

I look at my truck which is laying on it's side and this person is saying something about the wiper indicators don't line up and it's the reason the system doesn't work right. We have a heated argument and I take off running.

I'm running around my childhood neighborhood in a pouring rain. I look over my shoulder and there, running along side of me, is my niece. She's assuring me that I did the right thing with my truck and tells me to follow her.

I follow her to a beach house and the sky is drenched with sun. There are many small people dancing around and they're waiting for something to come ashore. They all have bags of confetti, throwing handfuls in the air. The confetti becomes animated and changes into all sorts of sparkling shapes. There are also little people drawing a colorful graffiti on a stilted beach house.

I can't help but laugh at the feeling of celebration. My niece tells me to follow her up the stairs of the beach house and then there are hundreds of people with us, among them are my brother, sister, other nieces, nephews, and my parents. I'm behind my mother, helping her up the stairs. My shirt sleeves are ballooned out because they're full of confetti.

My niece and I are in the beach house and she's showing me photographs of her mother and father. She wants me to help decide which ones we show at their funeral. All the photos don't look like photos but graphic representations of photos. Some look like crude M.C. Escher prints. 

I wake at 2:50am. That's were the dream ended. It's the most vivid, colorful dream I've had in a long time.

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  1. A team of shrinks will be working overtime on that dream!