June 2, 2011

Wah Wah

This post is for the purposes of bitching, whining, and moaning only.

First of all, part of the our backyard maple tree blew down. It crushed our deck, privacy fence, totalled wife's car, and messed up the front of my truck. We received a mega check in the mail from our home owners insurance yesterday and of course our premiums will most likely increase dramatically, as well as the car insurance. They're all blood suckers. You just can't win.

I'll have to do the repair/replace work myself 'cause lord knows any contractor will try and gouge us for every cent we have and do shoddy work to boot. I'll replace the wood deck with the synthetic Trex. I read where the Trex stuff is heavier than treated lumber..figures. Of course I'll pay through the nose for that stuff. My mother said don't work too hard or else I'll have another heart attack...you watch, it'll probably happen.

And if I have a heart attack there's another major price tag for a hospital stay. I pay buckets of money out my miserable salary for health insurance and what do I get? I'll tell ya what I get, I get iffy care from iffy nurses. The last hospital nurse I had on the 3rd shift had that glassy eyed high as a kite look. I was scared to death of her. I tell ya, I don't get any respect.

George Harrison  'Wah Wah'  1970.

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  1. Just wait. Soon enough you'll be peein' about twenty times a day then discover most places don't have public toilets. Course you will be goin' uphill when the battery dies in your electric wheelchair. And those new neighbors ... It's real swell they have four barking pit bulls.