April 12, 2012

It was mind numbing. They're up to 170 pieces of evidence, every piece of evidence is numbered and the Judge has to give his verbal assent to admit these pieces as official court evidence.

Prosecutor: Judge, I'd like to admit these four photographs into evidence, numbers 141 through 145.

Judge: It's so ordered into evidence.

In the courtroom of my wishes I'd move things on a little faster.

Prosecutor: Judge, I'd like the jurors to see a few pics.

Judge: Cool.

Prosecutor: (Speaking to jurors) As you can see from these pics the defendant grew some pot in his home. As you can see the finished product is some righteous weed. Some of the buds are as big as a large Maglite.

Juror # 8: Duuude.

It was a BIG marijuana growing operation in his home...over 100 plants in various stages of growth, A charcoal scrubbing ventilation system, and grow lights out the butt. He had to have been making some big bucks...but taking big risks. He's been arrested and spent time in prison for this before. You would think he learned a lesson or two.

The final arguments for prosecution and defense are tomorrow and then it will go to the jury to debate.
The charges are:

The murder of Diane Tanselle.
Abuse of a corpse
Hiding evidence
Marijuana grow operation
Persistent Felony Offender

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