April 13, 2012


The day didn't turn out very well for Thomas Kessinger. He was found guilty of murder, tampering with physical evidence, and abuse of a corpse. He's 68 years old now and he won't be eligible for parole until he's 88. If he serves out his full sentence he'll be let out of prison when he's 92 if he lives that long.

We all had our worries that jury would have reasonable doubt of the murder but thanks to Erin Wright, the lead prosecutor,  her fabulous summation to the jury truly made the difference.

Jessica & Emily...Diane Tanselle's daughters.
 Julia Lane....raised Diane. She's was there all four days of the trial. She'll be 91 this June.
 Larry and Rodney...Diane's brothers. That's no woman, that's my wife.
 Noelle and Rodney
 The Hall of Justice on Jefferson Street.

The Humana Building on left designed by Michael Graves. People have said it looks like a cash register on top of a lego tile.
King Louis the Sixteenth who Louisville is named after. He looks kinda pale to me.

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