August 1, 2012

I Got Guns

Wife bought me some time with a personal trainer at the gym for my birthday. I was in a rut with my exercise routine and was going through the motions not getting much done. Phil Bloyd, the owner of the gym, was my trainer. He's also a former Marine drill instructor. I would've preferred a female trainer who worked as part time as a stripper.

For six weeks, three times a weeks I worked every single muscle on every machine, hand weight, and bar bell. I've lost a little weight and gained alot of muscle mass. After the end of the second week I was so sore one morning I thought the only way out of bed was to roll over and fall to the floor. The last session fell on my birthday. I'm keeping it up almost every day and adding weight and reps to my routines.

It was one of the best birthday gifts I've received...even if it wasn't a part time stripper.

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