August 15, 2012

Like a Rolling Stone

It all started July fifth. Wife had a pain in her side, then slight nausea, then the pain got worse, and she got sick. We went to the ER. after a dose of morphine, anti-nausea meds, and a CT scan the verdict was a kidney stone. We finally got home in the wee hours with the name of a urologist we were supposed to call.

After four weeks wife had another episode and another CT scan. The stone was lodged and the only way to get it out was surgery. My wife always does things the hard way. I thought that since it was a minor surgery things would go fine...wrongo.

My wife happens to have spring water for blood and doesn't tolerate anesthesia very well. Despite anti-nausea meds we were there for nine hours for a twenty minute surgery. A few days later she had to got back to the urologist to get the stent taken out and afterwards she had very painful spasms for two days. She's been through the mill. She wants to go to the gym tonight...we'll see.


  1. Did the doc talk about or suggest Lithotripsy?

    1. The doc said that Litho wouldn't work in her case and that we had to go the surgery route. We McClains are lucky that way.