March 23, 2008

Cecil B. DeMille Over and Over Again

Tonight on television they're showing, yet again, "The Ten Commandments". This film, made in 1956, was the last film made by Cecil B. DeMille. It is one of the highest grossing films ever made. DeMille was known, back in the day, for making flamboyant films and being a bully and tyrant on the set. The special effects were spectacular for the time but now are almost laughable. My favorite scene in the movie is when Charlton Heston as Moses, dressed in a flowing robe, sporting a long beard and hair shot through with gray, slowly raises both arms outward, his long staff in hand and says "behold His mighty hand!". The Red Sea parts in cheesy fashion and God's chosen people walk through the shadow of the valley of the parting waters.
I've had a fantasy which involves changing into a robed Charlton Heston, walking into a certain office at work, my face glowing righteously, spreading my arms, and saying "behold His mighty hand!". A pillar of fire appears, incinerating everything in the office. I change back into Barry McClain and walk out never to be messed with again at work.

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