March 18, 2008

My Little Helper

Last Sunday I started back to work on our basement bedroom and bath. For two weeks we've been painting, repairing drywall, and adding trim work. I wanted to finish it and was in a hurry, a dangerous combination when combined with finish carpentry. I finished hack sawing off the second toilet seat bolt which had apparently welded themselves to the toilet over time. I victoriously waved the toilet seat to my wife on my way to tossing it in the trash outside.

My daughter, Abby, pulled up to drop Tristan off before going to see a passion play at a nearby mega-church. Tristan's in full tornado mode, having just had his nap. My wife, Charlene, said wouldn't it be fun for Tristan to go with us to Lowe's to pick up a new toilet seat and more mill work? Barrels' full of monkeys fun, I thought. While there, you could hear the saw cutting lumber for custom orders. Tristan had to find out what that was all about so I took him over to the saw. The closer Tristan and I got to the saw the sound was ear splitting. They weren't cutting lumber, they were cutting laminated shelving. Tristan starting getting alarmed, saying he was scared, so we walked away. Now he wanted to see it again. We were like a pair of yo-yos. Thankfully they finally stopped and we got our stuff and left.

I set up shop on our deck, circular saw, table saw, etc. I strapped on my macho tool belt. Tristan was fascinated by all of this, at the same time twirling around on the deck, wanting to do everything at the same time. "let's swing papa", "let's watch my movies papa", "let's walk papa". I said papa's busy Tristan and you can watch! I go downstairs to make measurements and come back out to cut the millwork what seems like two dozen times and everytime Tristan says "I'll stay out here and wait for you papa". I cut with the saw and the end piece drops to the deck and everytime Tristan says "uh-oh papa, you broke it". He was having a grand time just watching me.

To Tristan, I'm the greatest person walking the face of the earth. I love him to death but by the time I had made bunch of little mistakes from hurrying through my work I was ready to punt, pass, and kick his little hiney across the road. It takes alot of patience with a child and I admire Abby, who handles Tristan with ease.

I put away all my tools of destruction/construction, clean up, and join Tristan and Charlene to watch Barney and eat popcorn. It doesn't get any better than this.

Tristan helping Charlene

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