March 28, 2008

Harry Canary Irony

After I wrote yesterday's Harry Canary post I realized I missed a major bit of irony about the story. Ben, my son-in-law police officer, called me after he read the post. Ben, Noelle, and Hailee moved into a house on the street I grew up on next door to the old Tabor abode. My granddaughter is growing up next door to the house where Harold grew up.
Ben discovered that Harold was apparently paroled out of prison and is now living on Portland Avenue in downtown Louisville. Ben said he should go down where Harold is living, knock on the door, and when Harold answers, brandish his taser and say "I have a message from Barry McClain for you" Ben would light up old Harry and he'd fall on the floor yelping. Ben would never do that of course, but if he did Harold would most likely enjoy it and ask him if he could come by and do it everyday.

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  1. Barry, Finally got to read your blog in its entirety though I have been meaning to for some time. You have a real talent for this. Hilarious. More...Please! Brad