April 1, 2008

Thrills, Chills, And Spills

Last Saturday night was the annual "Circus Of The Students" at Crosby Middle School. My cell phone rang while I was helping the Wickerham's move their daughter, Emily, a few blocks up Frankfort Avenue Saturday morning. "Hello?" "Barry, don't forget about the circus thing tonight at Crosby." "OK, I'm not gonna be that long helping move hon." "Well, don't forget about finishing up the downstairs bath." My Saturday is planned.
Across from Emily's new condo is an old church that may have once been a Baptist church. Across the front of the church hangs a sign which reads, "Louisville Korean Seventh-Day Adventist Church". Now that's a mouthful. I wondered if, when people ask the members where they go to church, they say "We go to the LKSDAC"? Emily told me whenever she was to marry that the LKSDAC looked like a nice church to be married in.

Emily Wickerham and the LKSDAC

After helping with the move, I drove home and finished up work on the basement bathroom, which I wouldn't bore you to death with the details. I'm ok with finish carpentry but I'm by no means an expert. It's an honorable profession as any Christian would tell you.

And now, ladies and gentleman, it was on to the circus. Before the circus we met the Lunte and Cook crews at a restaurant. My sister-in-law, Lisa, was there with my niece and nephew, Jessica and Andrew. Jessica is an aerialist in this year's circus. We also saw identical triplets, classmates of Jesse's, who were to be in the circus also.

The three and only identical triplets!

Hailee brought her friend, Madison, along with her. Madison was telling me about neighbors of hers, who had a hot tub and a home theater system. She said they were "rich". I acted duly impressed.

Madison & Hailee

We arrived at Crosby Middle School and a crowd had already gathered, waiting for the doors to the gym to open. I sat next to my nephew on the top row of bleachers for a better view. If anyone is curious what my brother, Brad, looks like, here he is.

Andrew McClain (a thin, much younger Brad McClain)

The kids who performed at the circus were impressive. P.T. Barnum would've been proud. There were jugglers, trampoliners, cyclists, and the human jump rope (one of the triplets). Jessica was an aerialist and she did a very good job. As a young man heights never bothered me. I used to do all kinds of crazy stunts off a 33 foot diving tower. Now, heights scare the wits out of me. I can feel my stomach flip whenever I have to get on the roof of my house to clear tree debris. Jesse provided the thrills and chills. Thankfully there were no spills.

Jessica McClain

As Sergeant Pepper would've have said "A good time was had by all".

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  1. Sure do enjoy your blog--especially the ones that include our granddaughter! Thanks-Grammy