April 18, 2008

New Madrid Superman

We left our windows open last night. I was dreaming this morning of dogs howling and barking to themselves while I was slowly floating forward, prone and westward just above Saint Clair Drive; my arms were outstretched, superman style. I couldn't see the dogs as much as feel them from their back yard hiding places; their sounds, menacing. My body started buffeting from an unfelt wind and I was coming in for a crash landing. I awoke to the house trembling and the neighborhood dogs barking; the trembling subsided. It may have been the wierdest dream I've ever had; I consider myself lucky I woke up before the crash landing considering the scientifically proven fact that if you hit the ground, it's an automatic fatality and you wake up dead.

1 comment:

  1. same dream but I woke to and earthquake!