April 1, 2008

My April Fools Day Off

I took the day off work because I had two doctor appointments, one for my final toe joint replacement x-ray and exam, and one with my cardiologist. My orthopedic appointment was first. I had my right big toe joint replaced with an implant last October. Over the years I've wiped my big toe cartilage away on every tennis court in Louisville. Mobility was becoming a problem and so was the pain. I went into the office and registered at the desk. None of the office staff were wearing big red rubber noses or big clown shoes which was a slight disappointment. Dont these people have any fun around here on April Fools day?

After the obligatory twenty minute doctor's office wait I was finally ushered to the exam room and Melissa, the physician's assistant, looked at and manipulated my toe. I then walked to the x-ray room, had a few pictures taken. Melissa came back and oohed and aahed over the x-rays and discharged me for good. After the surgery, the recuperation took alot of patience but it was worth it. No more pain and I can walk and run normal. No more singles tennis anymore though. It's strictly doubles from now on.

Now it was on to the cardiologist. Again no clown noses or shoes and that slight let down feeling, but it soon passed. Only a five minute wait this time. That's a record, especially in a Kentucky cardiologist office. Kentucky is the capital of myocardial infarctions. Don't you just love that phrase? They took a EKG and I talked with the doc. Everything was fine and I don't have to come back for a whole year!

I got home, Charlene and I went to the gym and did some cardio and weight machines. Some of the treadmills in the new gym we joined have little TV's on them. You plug in your earphones and the time flies. I watched an episode of The Soprano's and Charlene watched HGTV. I hate HGTV. It a channel developed to cause husbands across the nation misery. I'd much rather Charlene watch blood, gore, and senseless violence.

We came home from the gym and Charlene cooked dinner. Salmon croquettes and steamed asparagus. Charlene's a great cook. Without her, I would probably weigh 300 lbs. Everything is made from scratch as much as possible with Charlene's cooking. There's a desert she makes which calls for one package of white cake mix. In the grocery she'll hide the cake mix package in the bottom of the cart. It sometimes borders on Martha Stewart pathological home made syndrome. We're through eating and we had to go and get coffee. Now both Charlene and I buy no ordinary coffee. It's got to be coffee from Fresh Market. None of that Folgers, Maxwell House, or (shudder) Kroger brand tripe. We're both just plain coffee snobs and we say this proudly. I love going to Fresh Market. The classical music, the food aromas, watching the Anchorage snobs peruse the aisles. We buy the Fresh Market Blend whole bean coffee. Charlene actually throws some salami in the cart, bless her heart. I also buy some of these crinkle cut rustic salt and pepper potato chips which are out of this world delicious. My cardiologist would have a myocardial infarction.

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