August 13, 2008

The Cake Walk Trail

For the last week we've been having weather to knock your eyes out. We've walked almost every evening. Yesterday we headed South, crossing Shelbyville Road to Main Street which eventually runs through the heart of old Middletown, established in 1797. A few miles to the east is where Abraham Lincoln's grandfather was killed by Indians. The Massacre Trail starts at Main Street, through Middletown and ends at Long Run Park, where the massacre took place. I hiked the twelve mile trail as a Boy Scout and thought my feet were gonna fall off. Our walk this evening will be a piece of cake at around three miles. I've lived in Middletown twenty years, Charlene, most of her life, and it's gone through alot of change in terms of population which breeds tons 'o Shelbyville Road traffic. Main Street minds it's own business at a slightly slower pace (25 to 35 mph). On Shelbyville Road its like NASCAR Sunday every day of the week.

An attorney we know works
on Main Street and we ran
into her! Such a charming

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