August 29, 2008


I've been watching the convention from Denver every night. I'm not much of a political person but I love watching the political conventions, whether they be elephantine or mulish. I guess you could compare it to slowing down to take a good stare at a car accident. There would be ordinary people at the podium speechifying their love for Barack Obama. That takes guts to get up and
speak in front of 75,000 people. I watched Joe Biden, the Clintons, and Michelle Obama speak and they all toyed with my emotions. I felt the thrill go up my leg but when it got to my brain it seemed to die. I'll watch the Republican Convention too, much to my wife's annoyance. She'll go upstairs and watch The Young And The Restless.


  1. We're watching too. And I am getting the same thrills from those speeches. Have yet to feel it from the RNC, but have high hopes for Palin.

  2. Unfortunately, we were high in the mountains for the dem convention and had no TV or internet. Maybe I can catch up on youTube clips.

    I waited for Sarah Palin's speech tonight and had to leave in the middle of it, to come and read your post on the computer, lol. While i was watching I asked myself, would her presentation and personality make a good president should something happen to McCain. The answer was no (I'm a former Image consultant). For many other reasons, I lost interest. I wonder if tomorrow the dems will liken her little winks and smiles and her hard "a"'s to her speech quality as a former beauty pageants.

    Having been in a NYC resident thru the Guliani years, including his finest hour in taking care of all of us thru 9/11, I secretly wonder if he hopes Obama will win so he can run again in 4 years!

    Last night there was a great speech

  3. sorry - great speech about McCain from Senator Thompson.