August 20, 2008

Harry Canary's Back In Town

The last news I had heard about Harold Tabor was that he was in some Kentucky small town jail for DUI, destroying property, and grand theft auto. Ben deduced that as soon as 'ol Harold got out of prison in '07 he got drunk, stole a car, and destroyed property when he crashed the stolen auto.

Ben called after we got home from the State Fair last night. "Man, you should have ridden with me last night." Ben went on a call about a fight on Duncan Street in the land of Portland. Once there, witnesses pointed out a man who they said was wielding a bat and making threats. This man happened to be the husband of Harold Tabor's half sister who was there begging Ben not to arrest her "old man". Ben cuffed the man, put him in his cruiser, and asked if he had a brother-in-law by the name of Harold Tabor. The man said "yeah, he's sitting right there on the porch." Ben looked back and there he was, in the flesh, the terrorist of my childhood, Harold Tabor.

Ben said that he has a bunch of new charges against him and is due to appear in court this September 3rd. News of the results of his day in court will be forthcoming in a future post.

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