June 16, 2010

An American Poolside

Some people I know think it's boring lounging around at a pool. There's certainly time to think about wherever your mind, or a good book, takes you. I've been reading 'Undaunted Courage' by Stephen Ambrose.

Certain aspects of American life in the 18th century and America today are similar as far as waste of natural resources. Virginia plantation owners of that time wasted their land growing mainly tobacco using slave labor. Your average wealthy, land rich-cash poor plantation owners rode their horses about their land directing their slaves while drinking rum and whiskey most of the day.

Thomas Jefferson thought slavery was a blight on America and had hopes it would be abolished, but not in his lifetime, as he owned slaves and thousands of acres himself.

The pool opens at 11:00 and I've got to get back to the poolside and lay back in a lounge and read; No rum or whiskey allowed.

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