June 23, 2010

BLT's and Little Green Apples

Wife and I were eating BLT's and she said she was in a cooking rut and nothing sounded good to her. It's not surpising because she's cooked and baked everything under the sun.

"Oh, We have to eat June apples and sausage biscuits, it's that time of year again."
"What are June apples anyway?"
"They're those little green apples that you can find only in June."

I started humming a tune from a long time ago as we were cleaning up after our BLT's and couldn't think of the artist who wrote it and went to look it up.

"Little Green Apples" was written by Bobby Russell. It's been recorded by Roger Miller, Burl Ives, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Bobby Goldsboro, and countless others.

'Little Green Apples' Roger Miller.

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