July 1, 2010


The other evening I was pouring a Coke and in the bottom of the sink was a live Cicada..a big one. I reached to get it out but thought wife would be in the kitchen soon and so I left it there. How it got in the kitchen sink, I haven't a clue.

While on the porch reading the paper I heard wife shuffle into the kitchen. I started the countdown 5..4..3..2..1. We have lift-off.


There was wife frozen in place, eye's wide, pointing at the kitchen sink. I retrieved the critter. I feinted a move. "Don't get close to me dammit, I'll bash your head in."

We've gone through this ritual countless times since we've been married. A little spider becomes a foot wide, a small cricket becomes an alien from another planet.

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  1. I just noticed the cicadas buzzing the other night for the first time this summer. I actually like bugs. I bring them in and show them to the guys.