July 6, 2010


I forgive the nitwit who pulled out in front of me today causing considerable wear on my brakes, which I had recently changed out.

I forgive people with different political or religious views than mine; It seems lately both can be interchanged, a dangerous trend.

I forgive people with political agendas which solely satisfy their own personal needs.

I forgive British Petroleum. I use the stuff.

I forgive my wife and myself for all the petty stuff we may argue about, real or imagined.

I forgive the makers of our dishwasher, which just went kaput after seven short years. I tried to fix it myself. (another dangerous trend)

I forgive companies who I suspect of age discrimination regarding hiring practices.

I forgive chauvinists, both male and female.

I forgive creationists who believe the earth is only 6000 years old.

I forgive people who forward me endless emails regarding the politics I should embrace, less I should be viewed as unpatriotic.

I forgive The Ugly American.

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