October 18, 2008


We purchased a new printer/copier/scanner a couple of months ago and I've never played with the scanner part. Tonight was the night. First I scanned a picture of my niece, Tricia, and a friend of hers. I'm guessing Tricia is about seven years old in this pic. Tricia...please comment and tell who your play mate is and how old you think you are. They're both cuter'n hail.

Next is a rare picture of my maternal grandfather, Gilbert Jones. He wouldn't look natural without the ever present cigarette in his hand and a pack of Kent filters in his pocket. He was a farmer and his main money maker was tobacco. Back then every man, woman, and child in the state of Kentucky smoked cigarettes, maybe even a few babies.

My late big sis Janet McClain Johnson (Tricia's mother).

The McClain family circa 1963. The goofiest looking one is moi. Left to right: Joyce with Amy in her lap, Janet, Clueless, Bradley, and Bobby B McClain. The actual physical picture looks rather ordinary but when scanned and viewed in it's digital format it's rather unsettling to look at on a computer, at least to me it is. At the time this picture was taken, IBM had developed the first main frame computer which was almost as big as a small home and had far less computing power as the one I'm typing on now.

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  1. Hi UB,

    The first picture is of me and my longest friend (1st grade!) Rachel Jacobs. Notice the fun prize in Rachel's pocket! Fun to get on your blog and see these pics. Good luck mastering the scanner! Love you.