October 17, 2008

An Upstairs Golf Course

Well, it’s that time of year again. It’s time to move Abby and Tristan to yet another abode. Ever since Abby’s worthless husband left her in June of ’06, Abby and Company have moved every fall. In the fall of ‘06 they moved to Dorsey Lane. In the fall of ‘07 they moved to The Paddock Apartments. This time they’re moving to a home on Ledges Drive in Middletown. Tristan is turning out to be quite the well travelled little guy. A couple of weeks ago we went to the future home to do some general cleaning up. Tristan has a backyard to play in again and for whatever reason, he called his future bedroom a golf course. He told me that the other spare bedroom could be my golf course. What goes through a little child’s mind is a mystery. Abby got off work today and we traded vehicles so she could start moving the smaller stuff with my truck. I hope she doesn’t forget Tristan’s toy golf club and ball.

I remember the first move from their first home in Shelbyville. It was a very sad affair after all the work we had all put into it. When they first bought it we painted, built new closet space, refinished the hard wood floors, tore out paneling in the basement, put in new ceiling fans, base moldings…etc, etc, etc.

A while after Abby’s first move to Dorsey Lane, I went to the Shelbyville house to bury a tiny statue of St Joseph in the back yard in our hopes that it would help sell the house as well as to pick up a few leftover stray items. I walked through the empty house which was no longer a home and almost cried. How could he, how dare he leave Abby and one year old Tristan like that. Didn’t he know what he had? He left for another woman, married only five years and he left. He dropped the bomb on his family and left.

This weekend we’ll all but finish moving Abby and Tristan into their new home, a home where Tristan will have his golf course bedroom, start grade school from, start high school from, play high school football or basketball, and have his first crush on a pretty little girl. We all have high hopes that this will be the last move for a long time for the sake of stability and consistency in Tristan’s life.

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