October 16, 2008

Scary Times

From time to time, especially in the last few weeks, I think of the future and the things we have that aren’t paid for yet. We aren’t heavily in debt by any means compared to the national averages for per capita debt I see, but it still puts a knot in your stomach. The corporation I work for went through a period of serious doubt at the end of the summer regarding whether we were going to get the capital needed to make student loans, and stay in business without layoffs. We had our own mini-bailout, when the US Department of Education made available the funds to keep us in business. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief but the capital will last only another year or so. The stock market slide doesn’t bode well for the future and you wonder when the shock waves are going to spread and hit your neck of the woods.

I watched the final debate last night and was thinking what other people were probably thinking….Are the huge problems facing America too big for our future president and the present congress to handle? Is it economic fate that no one can do anything about and the time has come to pay the economic piper for our past easy credit sins? I tend to think the answer to both is yes.

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  1. Guess this is how you felel about the future as well as watching the debates last night. I don't think either one is the right guy. It's terrible.

    I saw Nader interviewed two nights ago on the Jim Lehrer nightly news show on PBS. He was so clear and made such sense I thought, if only my vote would not be"wasted" I'd vote for him. Then again, if we all did that, then the vote would not be wasted. Interesting to stop by his website.

    He spoke with the clarity of a guy who has nothing much to hide and owes none of his presentation to funding or lobbyists, campaign managers and the like....