November 29, 2008

The Abby of Gesthemani

Charlene and I drove down to the Abby of Gesthemani today to shop in their visitor center and walk around the grounds of the Abby, which was founded in 1848. Gesthemani is located about fifty miles south of Louisville, just south of Bardstown.

As you arrive at Gethsemani you can feel the peace and holiness of the area. Gethsemani is where Thomas Merton (his given name at the Abby was Friar Louis Merton) lived and wrote his many works.

Gethsemani supports itself (as all Trappist Monasteries do) by their own work. They make fruitcake, fudge, and cheeses. The fruitcake is out of this world delicious. They sell all their goods world wide through the Gesthemani Farms websight.

Grave of


  1. Wow, what a nice day trip-- wish I could have tagged along, lol.

    I will definitely check out their website to see what's there. I am doing a very long gift series of posts on my blog Looky Here...

    So glad to know what books you got (good choices!) and that the Lola's passes made it to you. Now for that trip to the City of Angels...

  2. There's something very peaceful about a graveyard. It conjures thoughts of life and death. I somehow feel refreshed after a stroll through the graves.

    I love that last sculpture!

  3. Thanks for the tour! This place looks so serene. I love the sculpture in the last picture.