November 13, 2008

Modern Guilt

This is the title cut of Beck’s latest CD “Modern Guilt”. This release has references to global warming and pollution. May he should have titled it “Collective Guilt”. The first time I listened to this song I thought it would be good to play on Halloween.

Modern Guilt

I feel uptight when I walk in the city
I feel so cold when I’m at home
Feels like everything’s starting to hit me
I lost my bearings ten minutes ago
Modern guilt, I’m stranded with nothing
Modern guilt, I’m under lock and key
Misapprehension is turning in convention
Don’t know what I’ve done but I feel ashamed
Standing outside the glass on the sidewalk
These people talk about impossible things
And I’m falling out of the conversation
Like a pawn piece in a human shield
Modern guilt is all in our hands
Modern guilt won’t get me to bed
Say what you will smoke your last cigarette
Don’t know what I’ve done but I feel afraid

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