November 15, 2008

Adventures In Groceryland

Charlene and I went to Kroger today and I usually don't mind going, being the helpful husband I am. It seems that people are more rude now than ever. I always man the shopping cart and am always mindful of the people around us, trying to stay out of way of everyone and say things like "excuse me", "go ahead", and "thank-you". You see fewer smiles given away nowadays. it seems most people are oblivious or could care less, leaving carts unmanned in the center of the aisle for you to play bumper cars with or being obviously impatient with people in front of them with the rolling of eyes or exagerated sighs. I'm not giving into the frustrations though and will keep trying to be my civil self. Though there are still friendly people, it seems to me the ratio of friendly/impolite is getting smaller than say... twenty years ago.

Twenty-one years ago the Kroger we went to today opened for their first day of business in Middletown. Charlene and I were dating then and we went to the grand opening that day. That was when Middletown was much smaller than it is today but the opening still generated alot of traffic of both cars and people. Most everyday is like that now. Is it that the greater the crowds, the more impersonal it gets and this breeds the rudeness in people? Charlene, who grew up in Middletown, will sometimes say "Who are all these people and where did they come from?"

Maybe in another twenty years I'll be saying things in the grocery like "get the hell outta my way", "bite me", and "I was here first dammit". I hope not.

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  1. Heh-heh! Cute post. I go Krogering up here, too.

    And thanks for stopping by my place today. :^)