November 18, 2008

Some Bob and Ray

"Low Jumping"

"Whooping Crane Expert"

"The Paperclip Factory"

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  1. Hello Barry --

    You have been officially tagged. TO see what the exercise is, you can check out A NewYorker in Houston with today's date. In the effort to not put people to sleep, I wonder if I've revealed too much, lol.

    Also, hope you got your B&N card. I nought that a while ago and I just want to make sure if you have any problems with it, even if you don't attempt to use if for months, just let me know. I don't want there to be any reductions on that, which I just read can happen if cards aren't used in a certain period of time.

    Also, let me know if you've gotten your Lola's martini passes yet.... If not I'll remind her again.